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May 24

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1-Jan Pushing Ahead
2-Jan Daily Living
3-Jan God’s Guidance
4-Jan The Place of Rest
5-Jan Fighting Sin
6-Jan The Church reflecting God’s glory
7-Jan God’s wonderful plans
8-Jan God and the godly
9-Jan Trust Him again and again
10-Jan Peace of God
11-Jan God’s desire to save
12-Jan God reveals His Wisdom
13-Jan The Peace God gives
14-Jan Father and Son are One
15-Jan The battle inside us
16-Jan Christ is God
17-Jan Learning from Trials
18-Jan Return to the Image of God
19-Jan Serving God with humility
20-Jan God’s greatest promise
21-Jan God demands results
22-Jan God our Guide
23-Jan Nothing is surer
24-Jan We must Pray
25-Jan The payment for Sin
26-Jan Identifying with Christ
27-Jan Christ’s Mission
28-Jan Who God chooses
29-Jan God Knows Me
30-Jan The Disciple’s mindset
31-Jan Sin in a disciple’s life


1-Feb It begins with Faith
2-Feb God rescues us
3-Feb Finding Strength in Hard Times
4-Feb Live by faith
5-Feb The truth of Eternal Life
6-Feb Grace and The Law
7-Feb Taking God for Granted
8-Feb Friends of God
9-Feb The Next Life
10-Feb Let the Light shine through
11-Feb People of the Book of Life
12-Feb The future of God’s people
13-Feb From the lowest to the highest
14-Feb Christ and the Law
15-Feb Fighting Sin
16-Feb Do not be Proud
17-Feb The old and new sacrifice
18-Feb God is our refuge
19-Feb Wisdom
20-Feb It is Finished!
21-Feb A Holy People
22-Feb Discovering God’s Will
23-Feb The Perfect Covenant
24-Feb Asking God
25-Feb Fighting Satan
26-Feb Self-honesty
27-Feb The terms of Salvation
28-Feb Love driven God
29-Feb Using Time


1-Mar Love each other
2-Mar Enduring trials
3-Mar Leave your future with God
4-Mar Directing your heart and mind
5-Mar In trouble, asking God for help
6-Mar How God guides us
7-Mar Christ’s love for His church
8-Mar Returning to God
9-Mar Do not be complacent
10-Mar Believe that God will provide
11-Mar God’s protection
12-Mar Experiencing God
13-Mar Only one mediator
14-Mar Our witness
15-Mar Christ’s suffering and perfection
16-Mar The meaning of life
17-Mar Acceptable sacrifice
18-Mar Waiting for the promise
19-Mar Salvation is free
20-Mar Transformed by the Light
21-Mar Before it is too late
22-Mar Moral choices
23-Mar Holy and Almighty God
24-Mar Only by faith
25-Mar God will never abandon us
26-Mar Good stewardship
27-Mar Reap what you sow
28-Mar Be strong, be courageous
29-Mar The Prize
30-Mar God’s wonderful works
31-Mar God will meet your needs


1-Apr How to live
2-Apr Acceptable to God
3-Apr God’s unfathomable ways
4-Apr The New Covenant
5-Apr Seeking God
6-Apr Jesus our mediator
7-Apr What Grace and Generosity
8-Apr How to be successful
9-Apr God deserves all glory
10-Apr Came to Die
11-Apr Our Speech
12-Apr The Superior Covenant
13-Apr A living sacrifice
14-Apr Apple of His eye
15-Apr Evil all around
16-Apr God: Close and Distant
17-Apr We are His priests
18-Apr Serve with Humility
19-Apr The Old Covenant Supplanted
20-Apr Be Holy
21-Apr Testing our Work
22-Apr Forgiving sins
23-Apr God is our refuge
24-Apr God’s Promises
25-Apr The price Jesus paid
26-Apr Safety with our God
27-Apr Human Life
28-Apr Jesus came
29-Apr God’s Discipline
30-Apr Like Jesus


1-May The gift of peace
2-May Where God is
3-May Living in holiness
4-May Our Deliverer
5-May God will meet your needs
6-May God’s love and faithfulness
7-May Peace in turbulent times
8-May Jesus’s trials
9-May What is faith
10-May Fighting the Devil
11-May Persistent Sin
12-May Love each other
13-May Holy Prayer
14-May Sharing Christ’s suffering
15-May The New Order
16-May A servant of Christ
17-May Obeying God
18-May Life Giving God
19-May Forgiving sins
20-May Running the race
21-May Strength from God
22-May God’s special peace
23-May Jesus our High Priest
24-May Grieving the Holy Spirit
25-May God’s bountiful gifts
26-May Jesus our Shepherd
27-May Jesus our refuge
28-May Waiting for Jesus to come
29-May The blood price
30-May Taking God’s path
31-May Growing in faith


1-Jun Getting along with each other
2-Jun The Journey Ahead
3-Jun The Second Coming
4-Jun This is better
5-Jun We contributed nothing
6-Jun God's preemptive love
7-Jun How to pray
8-Jun God gives success
9-Jun The Word of God
10-Jun Love is proactive
11-Jun God’s brand of forgiveness
12-Jun God's Refining Fire
13-Jun Living in Christ
14-Jun Identifying with Christ
15-Jun God's Secrets
16-Jun Are you ready
17-Jun How to pray
18-Jun Conditions for meeting God
19-Jun Only the New is acceptable
20-Jun How God will reward us
21-Jun Expect suffering
22-Jun Dying and rising with Christ
23-Jun The Gift of the Holy Spirit
24-Jun Guidance from God
25-Jun Christ Returns
26-Jun Asking God for good things
27-Jun The Purification
28-Jun Jesus lives: What it means
29-Jun The lighter yoke
30-Jun God's painful discipline


1-Jul The Christian Character
2-Jul Acceptable to God
3-Jul Joint-inheritors with Christ
4-Jul Jesus’ Special Compassion
5-Jul The love of God
6-Jul Our Speech
7-Jul Surviving Temptations
8-Jul Confession and Forgiveness
9-Jul Eradicating Sin
10-Jul Expect Persecution
11-Jul Promises of Protection
12-Jul Rest in God’s presence
13-Jul Confident even in Suffering
14-Jul Words matter
15-Jul Living God’s will
16-Jul We are Priests
17-Jul God and Sin
18-Jul Safe with God
19-Jul Holy and Mighty God
20-Jul A Holy People
21-Jul The New Circumcision
22-Jul Victory over sin
23-Jul The Second Coming
24-Jul Hope in Suffering
25-Jul Achieving Eternal Life
26-Jul Living by Faith
27-Jul Who is Jesus
28-Jul Love in Action
29-Jul The Second Coming
30-Jul The new country
31-Jul Spiritual Soldiers


1-Aug Faith and Life
2-Aug How the Saved Behave
3-Aug How God Acts
4-Aug Why Did Jesus do it?
5-Aug Our New Life
6-Aug God’s Discipline
7-Aug God’s gifts and how we choose
8-Aug Strive towards Godliness
9-Aug Making us acceptable to Him
10-Aug God’s Protection
11-Aug Death destroyed
12-Aug God does not remain angry forever
13-Aug Our New Home
14-Aug Reasons for Joy
15-Aug God in our Lives
16-Aug The New Temple
17-Aug Prayer
18-Aug God
19-Aug Children of God, Let Your Light Shine!
20-Aug God Can Be Trusted
21-Aug Our Lord’s Love and Leadership
22-Aug For me to live is Christ’s
23-Aug God’s unchanging and proactive love
24-Aug God identifies with us completely
25-Aug God’s Gracious Gift
26-Aug Holiness: God demand nothing less
27-Aug Guiding Word of God
28-Aug In Christ, we have the Victory
29-Aug Fruits of Trusting God
30-Aug Love, Risk and Fear
31-Aug How God Forgives


1-Sep Be Gentle
2-Sep Help in Testing
3-Sep Warning against Sin
4-Sep Be Patient, have Faith
5-Sep The Body of Christ
6-Sep A Cry for the Lord
7-Sep God Forgave My Sins
8-Sep God sees the Heart
9-Sep God is Sufficient
10-Sep Getting it Right
11-Sep We must choose
12-Sep Conditions, Grace & Salvation
13-Sep Desiring the Lord
14-Sep God’s comfort
15-Sep Freedom from Sin
16-Sep Support each other in Community
17-Sep What God Accepts
18-Sep God’s Secrets
19-Sep God’s Gracious Gifts
20-Sep Changed Priorities
21-Sep It will end well
22-Sep The Word of God
23-Sep The Tug Within for Christ
24-Sep Good to be near God
25-Sep The Chiseled Character
26-Sep God Judges and Saves
27-Sep Trusting God
28-Sep For His Name sake
29-Sep Love in Practice
30-Sep Praying for Guidance


1-Oct How to live
2-Oct Life is in the Blood
3-Oct Christ’s Conquering Love
4-Oct Their Faces Shone
5-Oct Becoming Grateful
6-Oct The Omnipotent God
7-Oct Humility is the Way
8-Oct Courage under Fire
9-Oct God’s Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy
10-Oct His Majesty, God
11-Oct Crying for Help
12-Oct God prefer to…
13-Oct Answering Prayers
14-Oct How Jesus became Lord of All
15-Oct Safe in the Lord
16-Oct How to Work
17-Oct Why Rejoice?
18-Oct What is good enough
19-Oct The Best Protection
20-Oct The Law of the Lord
21-Oct Our Inheritance
22-Oct When Feeling Afraid
23-Oct The Meaning of Possessions
24-Oct When God Punishes
25-Oct God is at home with
26-Oct Sovereign and Caring
27-Oct Give it to me
28-Oct Only Jesus Saves
29-Oct Test it
30-Oct Don't give up waiting
31-Oct God the Holy Spirit


1-Nov Meeting with God
2-Nov Enduring Suffering
3-Nov Do you recognize me?
4-Nov Why the Suffering?
5-Nov When the Spirit comes
6-Nov When the time comes
7-Nov Why Praise the Lord
8-Nov Spiritual Protection
9-Nov What was He like?
10-Nov Towards bearing Fruits
11-Nov Where is safe?
12-Nov Two Kinds of Sorrow
13-Nov Living by God’s word
14-Nov Fear Not!
15-Nov Promises for Life
16-Nov God’s word in our lives
17-Nov God’s Wisdom
18-Nov God is merciful
19-Nov Judge by the fruits
20-Nov Your troubles are temporary
21-Nov Surprisingly Forgiving
22-Nov Getting help with Prayer
23-Nov Nothing to Fear
24-Nov We are Family
25-Nov Who is your master?
26-Nov He redeems and perfects us
27-Nov What does God look like?
28-Nov Faith and Works
29-Nov What our spirits want
30-Nov Peace from God


1-Dec Quality of God's protection
2-Dec What the Holy Spirit does
3-Dec Go tell God
4-Dec Asking for wisdom
5-Dec Testing from God
6-Dec Our Power for Good
7-Dec Not Guilty because
8-Dec The Duty to Love
9-Dec Obedience is the desired sacrifice
10-Dec Our Secure Future
11-Dec Exemplary Lives
12-Dec Secure in Christ
13-Dec Your Gift in Action
14-Dec Why Praise Him
15-Dec Love In Action
16-Dec Remember Love
17-Dec Praying in the Spirit
18-Dec Confidence in God
19-Dec God Sustains You
20-Dec Called to holiness
21-Dec Temporary Pain and Suffering
22-Dec We Are Free
23-Dec God Reclaiming Creation
24-Dec We long for God
25-Dec His Love for Us
26-Dec Doing the Lord’s work
27-Dec Joyful in Suffering
28-Dec God Forgives
29-Dec Doing God’s will
30-Dec Blameless before God
31-Dec God with us

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